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SIA Sindas Kaltes
Wood drying
SIA Cito Pluss
Production and transport of wood chips
SIA Lielupes Industriālais Parks
Industrial and warehouse real estate development for lease
Assembly and service of self-service car washes
SIA Captomatic
Automatic roller coaster camera system
SIA Stonex
SIA TC Holding
Car dealership
SIA Baltspan
Production of horse bedding from shavings
SIA Senulat
Self-service car washes
SIA LGT Operators
Liquid food cargo terminal operator
SIA Viduskurzemes AAO
Waste management and recycling
SIA Gas Powered Rail Latvia
Development of dual fuel systems for locomotives
SIA Rienzi
Production of chocolate, and cafeteria
SIA Balt Brand
Design, manufacturing and service of wood drying kilns
SIA Smart Meter
Manufacturing and service of water flow meters
SIA Lakijs
Wholesale and processing of berries and mushrooms
Production of cosmetics
Airdog Inc.
Developer of recreational drones
SIA Valmieras tipogrāfija Lapa
Printing house
SIA Packaged Ice
Ice manufacturer
SIA Veiters Korporācija
Printing house
SIA Baltic Floating Structures
Design of floating structures
SIA Muižnieks
Production of firewood and lumber
SIA SFM Jelgava
Industrial real estate development for lease
SIA Rukis Wood
Sawmill and production of cargo pallets
SIA Baltic Wild
Production of wild meat
SIA SH Capital
Industrial real estate development for lease
SIA Monetizator
P2P payment app for smartphones
SIA Ake Loģistika
Production of wood chips
SIA SFM Latvia
Welding, assembling, shotblasting and painting of steel structures
SIA Angel Glass Design
Design of glass tableware
SIA Krasta Motors
Car repair shop
SIA Scanhouse
Manufacturing of timber frame houses