Expansion Capital    

Capital for company
launch and growth

Begin commercial production, aggressive marketing and sale of product

What we do

Expansion Capital AIFP invests from EUR 150 000 up to EUR 2 730 000 EUR in Latvian companies with equity stake 10% - 49%. We consider opportunity to provide mezzanine financing when bank loan is not available.

We prefer ideas, projects, and companies that are export oriented, do not depend on domestic consumption, and have strong growth potential.


Expansion Capital Fund AIF from August, 2013 till October, 2016 has invested EUR 14 100 000 in 35 companies. Currently the fund does not make new investments, but actively manages and adds value to its investments.


Expansion Capital AIFP has launched 2 new funds - INEC1 AIF and INEC2 AIF.
INEC1 AIF is 18 200 000 EUR fund that invests from 600 000 EUR up to 2 730 000 EUR in start-up companies.
INEC2 AIF is 6 500 000 EUR fund that invests from 150 000 EUR up to 250 000 EUR in seed stage companies/projects